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    Premiere Pro will not quit, any ideas?


      The Problem:

      Premiere Pro is failing to quit. I either press (Command+Q) or use the dropdown menu to quit Premiere and it asks me if I would like to save my project before quiting, whether I click yes or no, that dialogue window closes and the program just sits there indefinitly. At this time the only way for me to quit Premiere is to force quit the program using (command+option+escape).


      Attempted Fixes:

      I have tried repairing disk permissions, restarting my machine, reseting PRAM, deleting preferences and clearing application cache, and lastly I uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere Pro via the Adobe application manager.


      More Info:

      We have just purchased 4 new identical 12-Core Mac Pros, all running OS X 10.8.3. The crazy thing about this issue is that it is only affecting two of the Mac Pros.


      I appreciate any help that anybody can offer!