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      How do I add music to a soundtrack in Premier Elements 10?   I have music on my CDs that I want to use.  Can it be done?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Are those Audio CD's, which should then be in the CDA format?


          If so, you can use any number of audio-editing programs to rip the CDA to PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, which will Import into PrE quite easily.


          I use Adobe Audition, but believe that the free Audacity can do that too. I have never used it to rip an Audio CD. Others, however, can verify if it will.


          Good luck,




          PS - Though the Soundtrack Audio Track seems the ideal location for a "soundtrack," some users have experienced issues when using it, and/or the Narration Audio Track. This seems to be a Project-specific problem, so if you have ANY issues with the Soundtrack Audio Track, just use an empty "regular" Audio Track, such as Audio 2.

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            Casey1107 Level 1

            It has been a long time, but I have been doing other things and am now back to the same old problem. 


            Unfortunately, I used iTunes to copy all of my music CDs and then I gave the originals disks away.  All I want to do is to add some background music to my son's wedding video.  It has been waiting to be finished since 2010.  I keep avoiding it because I really don't understand music and music formats and how to convert music files. 


            Do you think Audacity can find my iTunes music on my hard drive and convert them? 

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              What is the format of the music files on your "music CD". I am assuming that the format is .cda.


              If that is correct, Audacity will not import those .cda files. And apparently you do not have the high end Adobe Audition.


              But from what I have read, you should be able to use iTunes for converting .cda into .wav.


              I am in the process of trying to define at workflow for that to go from your .cda to .wav in your Premiere Elements 10 project. Pause.


              I have done it with some music samples burned to a CD disc as Audio CD to give me .cda files on that CD.


              1. iTunes. Edit Menu Preferences and click on the Import Settings button there.


              2. In Import Setting. Import Using: WAV Encoder and Setting: Automatic. Close out of there.


              3. Insert your Music CD into the DVD CD burner tray.


              4. iTune (top far right) hit "Import CD".


              5. For the music you want, right click it and select "Convert to WAV" version.


              6. In Music category, you should be able to right click your new WAV, select Copy, and then do a Paste to the computer desktop.


              7. In Premiere Elements, use Get Media/Files and Folders to import the WAV from the Desktop to Premiere Elements workspace.


              Please give this a look. I will fine tune the details if necessary. I am working with the latest version of iTunes.