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    Google Chrome Frame problems

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi all-


      I'm on the verge of finally finishing my main website using Edge for the smart phones, tablets and desktop versions!


      I have one small "Quirk".


      I tried to set the Google Chrome Frame to display as both an "Overlay" and an "iFrame" prompt but get the following errors when trying to install:


           This first one is the first error message I get when clicking on the button to install:

      - BTW - This was a very simple test animation with nothing fancy.




           And this is the error I get when clicking on the link from the first error (open this content in a new window).




      If someone has a minute, or experience doing this, could the confirm that this actually works as expected.

      I am running Windows XP via Parrallels on a Mac, so it is conceivable that is the problem.


      I WAS, however, able to go to Googles page and install the plugin from there - and it works beautifully!!!





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          shadowfax007 Level 1

          Also, One quick question:


          I have the site already uploaded but for reasons that aren't important, I'd rather not upload the entire site again (about 10 pages).  Is there a particular file that this code goes into (the Google Chrome Frame) that I could publish one page and just upload that page (one of the js pages, perhaps?)