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    20 percent tint counts as color... here we go again!

    kmoc2259 Newcomer

      We use InDesign CS6 v8.0.1 on Windows. About 80 percent of our documents use color as follows:


      PMS 541 is applied as a spot color on at least 3 pages

      Black text is used on every page

      20 percent K tint is used (see image inserted below)

      Our in-house printer is a Konica Minolta C454


      The printer counts the tinted pages as a color, and we are charged for this "color" click. This has become costly for us, since the majority of the pages in our documents use pages with the 20 percent K tint. We create the box using the retangle tool and then outline with a 1pt. rule at 100 percent black and fill with 20 percent tint of black. Is there anyway to have the black tint just print as black and not as a color without printing the whole document as grayscale.


      BTW: We have used the printer driver and the postcript driver and both interpret the screen as a "color."