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    Adding Email to a {tag_Your Full Name}

    IAMTEEJAY Level 2

      Hi All


      I have done this before where I produced this code where the {tag_email} has a hyperlink to summon an email like so with success in the web app layout


      <a href="mailto:{tag_email}">{tag_email}</a>


      However, now I want to apply the submitted email to the submitted name, but it is not working. Here is the code


      <a href="mailto:{tag_email}">{tag_your full name}</a>


      The "your full name" item was originally set up as a line text, but then I made it hyperlink text hoping that would work but it didn't.


      Here is the page, any thoughts?



      Many thanks in advance!


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          thetrickster888 Level 4

          I think the problem might be that you cannot change a field type after it's been created.  When you changed the "Your Full Name" field to a hyperlink it might have become broken.


          Also, about the email-- I wouldn't advise putting a mailto: link with a plain text email in a public webpage.  People's email addresses are private information and if someone submits an item to your web app I'm sure they don't want their email visible to the public.


          If you decide to do this in a secure zone where people must login first and it's a close-knit community like a staff dashboard then you might be ok, but I wouldn't have the email address output in plain text on a public webpage.


          Re: your code not working.  Try creating a new field in your web app called "Full Name" and use the "line-text" field type and then try {tag_Full Name} but I wouldn't wrap that anchor with the mailto: around it.  Bad News Bears.

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            IAMTEEJAY Level 2

            I agree with you, and since the app is out in the open and not in a secure zone, I have switched to just displaying the name with out a link attached to it.