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    AdvancedDataGrid compatability with LiveCycle Data Services


      I have a J2EE project which I have integrated with Flex3, using the setup provided by your samples.jar in the LiveCycle data services download - e.g. copied the data from web.xml, flex-config.xml etc.

      Every thing works fine until I put an AdvancedDataGrid element into a page. I get the error:
      Could not resolve <mx:AdvancedDataGrid> to a component implementation.

      I resolved this by copying over the datavisualization.swc into the libs folder of my app. However then I got the error:
      unable to load SWC datavisualization.swc

      I then copied over the jars provided by Flex3.0 into the WEB-INF/flex/jars section of my project, overwriting any old ones provided by LiveCycle Data services sample. I also updated flex-config.xml to provide a <locale><locale-element>en_US</locale-element></locale> element..

      Then, when trying to load the page i got: the following error:
      Exception java.lang.NoSuchMethodError

      This is method exists in the old mxmlc.jar file that i overwrote with the one provided by Flex sdk 3.0 and it is called from the flex-webtier.jar provided by LiveCycle Data Services.

      Am I right in thinking I can't have an advanced data grid at the moment? Or do i need a different flex-webtier.jar?