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    Problem with imported PluralEyes synced sequence


      Hey everyone,


      I'm trying to help a friend out with a problem he is having with importing a PluralEyes synced sequence into Premiere CS6. I'm just wondering if anyone had run into this problem before or can point in the right direction on where to start looking to solve the problem.

      This is the email he sent to me explaining the problem he's having:



      "Let me first explain to you the workflow. This is a heavy project so we split it into 3, corresponding to our three main characters. We ll be working on the 3 characters seperately and then import our edited sequence into the master project to create our big cut. The issue is when we import the pluraleyes synced sequences from our character project  to the master project using the option "import selected sequence". At the begining, it works fine and we can see our pluraleyes synced sequence in our new main project but suddenly, all the audio of those plur. sequence appears in red. not offline but in red and nothing is playing.
      It seems that i found out how to resolve the issue by importing the whole project but it will make at eachtime the project heavier. For the workflow, it would be easier  to work with the lightest project weight as possible and only import the selected synced sequence needed in the main project.

      We used plural eyes 3.3 with adobe premiere CS6"


      If any of you cna help me solve this I would greatly appreciate it.