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    Play animation that is happening inside symbol_2 by clicking on symbol_1 which is situated in stage

    Luchi Horatiu

      So basically i want exactly what the title says.I have the stage and two symbols...each symbols contain their own elements.Symbol_1 has some static elements which will act as buttons and Symbol_2 has some images that are animated...at the beginning of each animation of every element i've put a label(such as image1_start,image2_start etc).And I want that when i click on one of the buttons whic are sittuated in Symbol_1 to start an animation from a specific label that is happening inside Symbol_2.How do i do that?...If they are all in the same timeline it's simple by using the sym.play("image1_start") command but that's not really what i am looking for.I hope I was specific enough.THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


      P.S.Mostly it's about how can I make two different timelines to communicate properly.