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    entry level array question


      I'm new to array, I have a bunch of color codes that I want to assign to an array,













      in AS2 I have so far


      var i=1;


      while (i<11) {

          this["icolor"+i] =



      how do i do this within a loop, while every time 'i' imprement, it will asign the next color code on the list? I think this is pretty fundamental.. i'm still doing research on this, great if someone just point it out to me.


      Thanks  a lot.

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          teeronline Level 1

          Trying to test with names first, what's the problem in my sample?


          var names:Array = new Array("Belinda", "Gina", "Kathy", "Charlotte", "Jane");


          for(i=0; i< names.length; ++i){

              var u=i+1;

              this("icolor"+i).nAme = names[i];  <<icolor is mc on stage

              trace(names[i]);          << this trace is good

              trace(this("icolor"+i).nAme );  << this trace give me undefine




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            teeronline Level 1

            so I construct it to this point. I don't know why it doesn't work


            var colorCode:Array = new Array("0xFFA83C", "0x333333", "0x666666", "0x999999", "0xCCCCCC");


            for(i=0; i< colorCode.length; ++i){

                var u=i+1;

                this["icolor"+u].colorCC = colorCode[i];


                trace(this["icolor"+u].colorCC ); << value the same as colorCode[i]

                this["icolor"+u].onPress = function () {

                var my_color:Color = new Color(currentObjectTarget); << to change the color of currentObjectTarget

                var newColor = this["icolor"+u].colorCC;

                my_color.setRGB(newColor);  << if I substitute newColor to just  some color code , it work



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              teeronline Level 1

              oh I got it,


              var newColor = this.colorCC;