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    Flash Player periodically stops working on multiple workstations.




      I have around 400 Windows 7 32bit machines that I help maintain at a college. In our library we are constantly having trouble with Flash player. There are several web based programs that the students use that require Flash player. So when Flash isn't working, we hear about it. Several times now I have logged into every computer in the library (26 total), uninstalled Flash with the uninstall_flash_player_32bit.exe utility provided by Adobe, then reinstalled the latest version directly from Adobe's website. The very next week (sometimes a few days) I will get an email saying Flash player has stopped working on several machines. I am using IE9 and IE8 (some workstations have 9 some have 8) on Win7 Enterprise 32bit. I have tried many fixes including making sure ActiveX filtering is disabled, resetting IE to default settings, disabled the addon/restart IE/enable addon, etc. I need some troubleshooting advice on where to look to see when Flash fails and why.