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    2 Party Fill-in Form


      I'm trying to create a quote form that both my client and I can fill in. They supply some of the details and I supply the quote and other essentials. How can I best do this so that I can send it to my client to first fill out his part, retrieve it, fill-in my details and then send it back for approval?

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          Shiyao Bao Adobe Employee



          You may try to create a PDF Form using FormsCentral. After designing, choose "Save Submission-Enabled PDF" under Distribute tab, and save the PDF form to your machine. Then you can send the form to your client (by email, etc.). He doesn't need to submit the form after filling out his part, but just save and send it back to you. If you like, you can Close the form temporarily.


          You can submit the form after all the fields have been filled out so that the responses can be viewed in the response table. Hope it works for you. Thanks!


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