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    Sequence Alignment Viewer

      Okay, so I'm tasked with building a new component. You can have a look at the UI I was given here.

      As you can see.. there are two components within this component. They need to interact with one another, but they actually represent the same data structure. Initially, I have laid out this component based on an HBox object. Within that component are two other components, both based off List objects. The List Object components implement custom ItemRenderers in order to handle their display.

      You'll also notice that the top line "Query" should be static and the left-most column in each component should be fixed as well. There is a red box in the upper component showing the segment of the string sequence currently visible in the component below it (I'm thinking a Sprite object holding a graphics.drawRect).


      1. Has this already been done before? Am I re-inventing the wheel?
      2. Because of the scrolling requirements, would a DataGrid be a better option? If so, can a DataGrid perform scmooth scrolling vs. the inherent behavior of only scrolling a column at a time?
      3. Any thoughts on my little red tracking fellow?

      I appreciate any help anyone can give me. I'm new to Flex and trying to get up to speed rapidly.