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    Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt video output issues


      I got Intensity Shuttle TB to output to my monitors via hdmi and component however I am getting latency issues. I've tried all the settings in the system preferences as well as inside Premiere Pro. Also, when viewing a clip in the source window, video output disappears. I've tried the latest drivers as well as the older ones and reinstalled Premiere. Would like to resolve this asap! I tested the Intensity Shuttle with Final Cut Pro 7 and it's as smooth as butter and I'm able to view video output while in the source and programs windows. Is this an Intensity Shuttle issue or an Adobe Premiere issue?--->No video output to monitors while in the source window...Latency issues while viewing video in the timeline/program window. AVCHD Footage....



      Macbook Pro 2012 8GB RAM MacOS 10.8.3 Premiere CS6 6.0.2 BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt 9.7.2 DesktopVideo Driver