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    Synch audio and sequences workflow

    SMG720 Level 1

      Hey fellas -


      What are your suggested workflows when dealing with multiple clips with external audio that needs synching and then using that footage for a main sequence?  For example, let's say have 3 clips with 3 separate external audio files.  My workflow is:


      1. Create a sequence for each of the 3 clips and 1 main sequence for the timeline.

      2. For each clip sequence, load the clip and external audio file to the timeline and manually synch using waveforms.  Once synched, unlink the clip from its onboard audio track. Then link the clip to the now synched external audio file.

      3. Do the same for the remanining clip sequences.

      4. Use the 3 clip sequences and the Source Monitor to find relevant content. Mark Ins and Outs to insert into the Main sequence.


      Can anyone suggest a better way?

      Many thanks.