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    Canon PF24 Pulldown or Inverse Telecine Solution


      I recently purchased the Canon c100 camera and for some idotic reason Canon decided to use their consumer progresive format they call "PF" which records everything as 60i - that right interlaced video... And in a $6500 camera!


      Some replies on the forum claim that PP automatically removes the pulldown and conforms the footage to 24p - NOT TRUE!  At least not true with PF24 footage.  So I wanted to check with the CS6 community to see if you have a better solution than what I have created - see below...


      Excuse me why I step up on my soapbox -- Adobe Premiere Pro development team -- please add 3:2 pulldown in your Interpert Footage function.  It's a joke without it!  You have it in AE - Why not PP????


      The best solution I could come up with after investing a ton of time into this is to use AfterEffects inside PP as a filter.  By using this approach you will not have to duplicate or re-render all your PF24 footage to new true 24p clips.  You work with the same source clips throughout the entire process. 


      Here's what I do...

      - 1st create a 24p AVCHD sequence in PP and drop your PF24 clips into it.

      - Now you can select individual clips or the entire sequence of clips and "right click" and select "Replace with AfterEffect Composition".  This will export the selected clip(s) into AE. 

      - Now you can use the world-famous AE Interpret footage function to remove the pulldown issues.  Inside AE right-click the clip - select Interpret footage - select the fielding (in my case it was Upper Field First) - then finally the "magic bullet" - select "Guess 3:2 Pulldown" button. 

      - Now when you jump back into PP you will be working with beautiful "TRUE" 24p footage.


      Anyone have a better solution?