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    CC adjustments - no visual feedback!

    dsfsdsdfsdffdsf Level 2

      Hello everyone,


      As a fairly recent FCP convert I'm really missing the ability to see CC tweaks as I adjust the sliders - the highlight, mid and shadow points in particular. Any way to do this in Premiere?


      When I'm working on material and push the sliders around the image doesn't update till a second or two after I release the slider. It's REALLY frustrating when grading because it essentially means I'm grading by approximation. What's going on, Adobe?


      Otherwise finding the Premiere experience great and wish I switched to it years ago.



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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          Sorry, but you have to be more specific.


          If I use the Fast Color Corrector it responds in real time.


          Same with the Three Way Color Corrector.


          What graphics card are you using? Is it a CUDA card and is it on the list, or if not on the list, have you deleted the list so that you can have the Mercury Hardware accelerator set up?

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            dsfsdsdfsdffdsf Level 2

            Hi Steven, thanks for the reply. We're running ATI HD 5770 cards with 1GB RAM. CUDA is an Nvidia thing isn't it, so I'm guessing it's not on the list. This is actually the first I've heard of the list. Where would it live? Once I find it I'll delete it and report back on whether that improves performance.


            It is a bizarre problem - on everything else where levels are invovled (FCP, AE, Resolve) the visual feedback is instant. In the case of Premiere there is a good 2 - 3 second lag every time after making an adjustment, which understandably makes the process of CC painful, slow, approximate and clunky.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5



              Yes, it is an Nvidia thing and it makes Premiere Pro work so much faster than I seldom even have to render anymore. Seriosuly. You really ought to try out the GTX670 like mine, or splurge on the GTX680. And if you ever use After Effects you should go with the 4GB RAM instead of the 2GB cards.


              The list of approved cards is just the ones that Adobe has tested. The GTX670 like mine is not on the list so if I delete the list the software allows mine to work instead of limiting it to the cards on the list. Odd, but true.


              I believe that there are non Nvidia cards on the list in Premiere Pro CC that Premiere Pro can use to hand off processing to the GPU instead of using the CPU. So maybe come June 17th you will be in good shape.


              In the meantime, I turned off my hardware accelleration and the Three Way Color Corrector still works in real time, so maybe you need to provide more CPU cycles to Premiere Pro? Or more RAM? Or maybe put your cache files on a faster drive?

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                dsfsdsdfsdffdsf Level 2

                Hi Steven,


                After further testing I have isolated storage as the cause of the issue. We keep our projects, conforms, renders, etc local but all media and assets are stored on a shared NAS. It turns out if I work on local media the CC and other filters provide more immediate refresh (I'm not saying real-time, just notably closer to real-time). Unfortunately storing all the assets locally just isn't an option at our facility - we're talking tens of terabytes of longform media that need to be shared across all the suites - so for now I'll suck it up and either accept the laggy Premiere CC or link everything into AE and grade there. Where I get real-time feedback. Using the same material. On the same NAS. Ho hum.


                It's odd because every other NLE and compositor I've used on this system has handled real-time feedback on most effects using material from the same NAS drive. I'm guessing Premiere, as a feature of the Mercury engine, doesn't frame buffer individual frames locally, meaning it has to run to wherever the material lives every time it needs to refresh it. We get good transfer rates from our NAS, in excess of 100 Mb/s, but latency must be the killer in this situation. It's an odd way of going about business, because the way most graders work is to park on a frame, set the look, then render or play real-time to preview the look across the shot.


                I'll add it as yet another minor frustration (along with the hopefully soon to be corrected media management weaknesses, lack of background rendering, poor project sharing and a few other minor quirks) that keeps Premiere as a very good, but not quite great, edit package for professional facilities. Sigh.



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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  Well, glad you found the cause. From what little I have seen of the new CC coming out in June, sharing projects is part of the benefits of the new software. I hope it helps you out.