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    create a lot of movieclips ..

      I need to create a lof of movieclip (with content )
      it is about 150 movieclips vertical and each movieclip can have around 55 movieclips in it

      now my problem is , this process is working slow, very slow , or crashes

      I wonder is there is a way to load , vertical line by vertical line , but the needs to work with the loaded content ,

      I hope I explaned it correctly my problem :-s
        • 1. create a lot of movieclips ..
          clbeech Level 3
          well this all depends on the methods you are using to acheive this, what the heck is it, and what are you loading? are these assets on-board, or external? but it should be possible to do without crashing, you must have an error in the loop code that is propagating these instances.

          can you give a better explaination of how you are trying to do this, and provide a code example of your looping function (use the 'attach code' button in your reply)