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    After Effects CS6 Error: Unknown Exception.


      I keep getting this error when I open CS6 "After Effects Warning: Unknown Exception".  I didn't use AE for like a week and while starting it up for work I had to complete the errors started...

      Pressing ok gets me to "After effects: AEGP Plugin AEDynamicLinkServer Plugin: Unknown error in Adobe Dynamic Link" and then it closes with "After Effects can not continue: unexpected error during application startup".


      I tried EVERYTHING! Searched on google, visited every page with people having the same problems, mostly on Mac systems and older versions of after effects and I still can't fix it and can't find anything on CS6 as most of these were on CS4 and some on 5. Guessing those with errors on CS6 might have reformatted their drive.


      Im running Windows 7, 64-Bit. Using a High-End workstation(WS-X6) from "Workstation Specialists", so I don't think its a Hardware/OS issue.


      • Cleared preferences.
      • Did a reinstall from the disk.
      • Used CCleaner Pro.
      • Used the Adobe cleaner tool.
      • Google the Error, went to all pages with the same error.
      • I looked at every reply concering this error on this forum.
      • Downloaded a new trial.




      Nothing works. Now obviously a reformat would do it but I got tons of stuffs on this machine and I'm not gonna reinstall it just now. I'm using nuke for the moment but would like my AE back.


      Screenshots - Pretty sure this has something to do with my Mediacore but I don't know what as the disk reinstall should have fixed it. Even downloaded a new trial version, same thing.



      Screencap GIF






      Hope someone here knows how to fix this without any reformat. Thanks in advance.