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    Where are titles saved in CS5.5 please

    Script2Screen Level 1

      Hopefully this is an easy one.  I used 1.5 before, and any titles I created were saved as individual files within the folder I was using for the project (along with footage, music stills, etc.)  This was handy, as ones I used again and again (for example THE END) could be kept in a separate titles folder and just reused in future projects.  A lot of my titles are used many times, as I film stage shows, which all need things like THE END,  ACT ONE, ACT TWO, etc.  Upgrading to CS5.5 has left me unable to find titles (outside the program I mean).  Yes, they are there on the list with the captured footage and all that, but not anywhere in the folder.  I cant even seem to find another default folder that they go in.  This means I am having to recreate them again and again.  Okay maybe I could open a previous project and import or merge or something but that is more trouble than its worth for me!  It was handy having a library of the standard ones I use.  Any ideas?  Sorry if I have neglected to tell you any details you need to know, just ask.  Thanks