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    Multiple indexes not possible with topic based index keywords

    D.Desmet Level 1

      (RoboHelp 10)


      If index keywords are only required in a certain output, then you can create multiple indexes and select one of the indexes while adding an index keyword (Index tab of the Topic Properties dialog). This works fine if the project settings are such that index keywords are added to a HHK file, but if you choose to store index keywords in the topics, this is not possible to select an index (the Select index box is grayed out).


      Another possibility is to Apply a Conditional Build Tag to each index keyword from the Index pod. Unfortunately, after doing this for some keywords, I get the following error when I save the project:

      'An error occured while trying to save data to <...\rhkkeyword.apj>'

      When I look at the contents of that file, it seems to be cut off halfway.

      After closing and opening the project, the CBTs applied to index keywords are lost.

      When the rhkkeyword.apj file is deleted, it is remade by RoboHelp, and the error no longer occurs, but when the index is edited, it happens again.


      A third option that I used in RoboHelp X3 no longer works. I edited the index line in the html code to get the index keyword in the proper output, like this: <meta name="MS-HKWD" content="index keyword" style="x-condition:output;" />


      My question is if anyone knows how to get conditional index keywords work for topic based index keywords.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I don't save index keywords in topics but  a while back I took over a project where that was done. I found topic terms appeared in every index so I converted them.


          If you decide to do that, go to Project Settings and make sure Add New Keywords is set to Index. Then open a topic and go to Topic Properties. The icon shows which keyword are in an Index and which are in the Topic. Click on one of the latter keywords and click Add. The same keyword gets added and then you delete the old one. Boring but quicker than other methods.


          Sorry but I don't know why your index is failing. Maybe deleting the CPD at the same time as deleting the rhkeyword file is worth a try. Backup first though.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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            D.Desmet Level 1

            Thanks Peter for your answer.


            I already switched all index keywords in this project from topic to htt. I found an even quicker method to to this: select each keyword and press ALT+R (Replace command).


            I also sent a bugbase to Adobe about the failing rhkkeyword.apj file and even got a reply asking for more details.


            I tried to delete the CPD together with the fail file, but this did not return the CBT's on the index keywords. Actually, this empties the index.


            About the choice wether to use topic based keywords or a HTT file: I used topic based, because if a topic is imported in another project, the index keywords are copied as well and the keywords can be edited in the html of the topic.