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    Render crashes when I click off the After Effects window


      Windows 7

      20gb RAM

      AE CS6

      Core i5


      Hello all,


      Yesterday I was rendering countless 10 second clips in 1080 resolution the whole day, not a single crash. Simultaneously I was also using and rendering seperate files in Premiere Pro! With no problems.


      Today (after the computer was left on, program still open) I start to render the same kind of stuff. But, now, if I click off the After Effects window while its rendering, within 5 seconds it stops rendering, no popups with any error information, nothing.


      If I leave the window open, don't click anything, then it seems to render OK. But this isn't feasible for me, as I have a presentation that needs to be ready for tonight!!


      Can anyone shed any light on this unusual problem?


      Many thanks