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    Automatic highlight button


      Hello guys,


      i have a question!


      I try to find something on web, but no forums, so i try asking here.


      I have a scene menu, with 4-5 selectable button, and have 4-5 movie scenes.


      I linked them, and i need to highlight that button, where i was in movie. So if i visited the 1st movie, i need to highlight the first button, but if i does it the 3rd, i need to highlight the 3rd button.


      Any idea?


      I used DvDLab before Encore, but now my firm buyed the user license for it, so i need to make dvd's with Encore.


      Kind Regards,



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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have an end action that takes you back to the menu. It could be on a timeline if the chapter is its own timeline, or on a chapter play list if that its what you are using, or on an override.


          A menu normally shows its "default" button as highlighted when you go to the menu. Just specify the link (rather than using "return to last menu" for example), and when you do, specify which button to highlight.


          EN CS6 End Action Specify Link.png

          And then pick the button you want on that menu in the next window:

          EN CS6 Specify Link.png