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    "Select same fill & stroke" etc. isn't working in CS6

    Rebekkah Angel

      Select same fill and stroke, or select same fill is not working properly in my newly installed version of CS6.


      This is happening across multiple files so I know it is not a corruption in a file causing it.


      When I make a selection and then click "Select same fill" I get the questioned marked swatch indicators.


      This appears to be a bug in the software because I cannot make this feature work on even a simple file.


      Any ideas??


      Screenshot attached to show what I am seeing when I try to select a single piece of outlined type and then use the "select same fill" option.


      Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 7.33.57 AM.png


      Thanks in advance. I can work around this by selecting elements individually, but I would rather not!