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    Premier Pro & After Effects Graphics Card


      Hi Guys,


      I only get the basics of graphics cards and I am no genius with them...


      I've just upgraded my PC to X79 with an I7 Core 3930k. Running 32G memory. Will run Premier Pro and After Effects.

      I've also had a look at some threads recommending graphics cards and had (within reason) settled on the Quadro 4000. However, as my Motherboard will run PCIe gen 3, I was wondering if any of the non-Adobe approved graphics cards would do a better job, as the Nvidia GTX 680/90/titan cards can run PCIe Gen 3 and CUDA. Whereas, the Quadro 4000 only runs at gen2 - half the speed. For budget I'd like to keep it below £1000 (approx $1200).


      Any ideas or recommendations guys?


      Many thanks in advance.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Depends on a lot more factors, but one trhing is for sure: FORGET the Quadro 4000. It is very old, it is slow and way overpriced.


          For a fraction of the cost you can get far better performance with a GeForce card, but which one is best in your situation?



          Disk speed

          Transfer rate

          Option 1


          Option 2


          Option 3


          i7-3930K @ 3.20 GHz32 GB< 400 MB/sGTX 650GTX 650 Ti BoostGTX 660
          i7-3930K @ 4.0+ GHz32 GB> 400 MB/sGTX 650 Ti BoostGTX 660GTX 660 Ti
          i7-3930K @ 3.20 GHz64 GB> 400 MB/sGTX 660GTX 660 TiGTX 670
          i7-3930K @ 4.0+ GHz64 GB> 400 MB/sGTX 660 TiGTX 670GTX 680
          i7-3930K @ 4.5+ GHz64 GB >2100> 800 MB/sGTX 670GTX 680GTX Titan


          These are about your most sensible options for a balanced system IMO. As you see, the degree of overclocking the CPU, the amount of memory and it's speed (in the last row) and the sustained transfer rate of your disk setup determine what is wise to invest in. It makes no sense overspending on the video card, when its performance is held back by other components.

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            DL_UK Level 1



            Thanks for the reply and the warning against the Quadro 4000. I'll stick with one of the high-end gtx 600 series cards. Good chart btw.


            Out of interest, does anyone know if, or how much, degradation in performance there would be running two displays from the same card? I can't see it being twice as much if the data/threads are coming from the same program (say premier pro). But may be it's not a good idea if I'm trying to maximize performance...?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I use a GTX 680 with three monitors and do extensive testing for benchmarking purposes. I have found that using 1 monitor versus 3 will sometimes increase performance by maybe 1%, not worth mentioning and even then you have to take measurement errors into consideration. I deem the difference as insignificant.

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                DL_UK Level 1

                Now that is good news.


                Many thanks again and best regards.

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                  thomasjv Level 1

                  Hi Harm, would you have such a nice table of graphics cards for 2015? I hope so :-) Tomas