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    Avid DNxHD Won´t Allow 1920x1080 Export

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      I need to export to Avid DNxHD format. The material was edited straight from DSLR footage shot at 1080p, 24 (23,976) fps. In the export settings I select "Quicktime" for "Format" and under "Video Codec", the "Avid DNxHD codec". Opening the "Codec Settings" box I get a whole lot of preset options. When I select any option that matches my original footage (1080p, either 24fps or 23,976) and click "OK", the output format will be only 720x480. In fact, any 1080 preset will come out as 720x480.


      How do I export to 1080p?




      1. The dialog box for the Avid codec doesn´t show all the specs, getting cut off around the "xx-bit" section. The box won´t allow for expansions. Is that fixable?

      2. What should I select for color levels, "RGB" or "709" (what does "709" stand for?)?


      Thanks a lot.



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