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    Find/change place text at a specific point (Grep?)




      If anyone has a solution to this problem it would be much appreciated. Not sure if it's possible but here goes.


      We have a timetable of events that look like the following when flowed into indesign



      10.00     Football

                    Sports Court

                     Learn how to play football



      Is there a way that we can do a find and replace or a grep style that will achieve the following



      The provided text will just have the following info


      10.00 Football

                Sports Court



      Is there a way to search for Football and automatically add the 'Learn how to play football' descriptor underneath sports court.


      i.e. find 'football' and after two returns insert descriptor (sports court may change throughout the guide so can't use it as a term)



      Not sure if possible but would help out greatly if so as we have been provided with text that is incomplete and we just need to add specific descriptors for each activitiy.



      Thanks for any help!