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    GoPro Hero 3 Black 4k and Adobe Media Encoder CS6


      As a current Creative Cloud member and a Premiere Pro user, I wanted to see if the Adobe Media Encoder can be used as an alternative to GoPro's Cineform Studio (free version), mainly as a batch encoder for use in Adobe Premiere Pro. The main issue with the GoPro footage in Adobe Premiere Pro is that its codec is not compatible with playback in Premiere, there's a conflicting codec that GoPro uses that unfortunately causes it to have choppy playback in Adobe Premiere Pro. Another issue is that the Adobe Cineform Studio (free version) is that one can only export one video at a time. And, finally I wanted to have more export options than what's available in the Cineform.

      This is what I've come up with:

      • 4Kcin and 4K show no preview footage in the encoder, and will export as black video - the encoder sees "no video"


      • 2.7cin & 2.7k and below all show preview and export appropriately.

      The main issue is that Adobe Media Encoder does not recognize the 4kcin or 4k footage from the GoPro camera. But it can encode 4k or above footage since it has a REDCODE plugin.

      Any thoughts or suggestions?