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    Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP - show variable from PHP in app


      I have searched for hours and I can't figure this out…

      Is there a way to somehow "echo" my PHP code in my MXML file ?


      I know you can't echo something from PHP to MXML, so here's what I have done :


      I get my informations from my database, I need to show an image and its title, so I put the following code in a variable :


      <mx:Image id="laniraBlanche" x="25" y="65" width="210" height="126" source="'.$row->image_mini.'" click="selectLaniraBlanche()" rollOver="seePicture()" rollOut="outPicture()" />                                              <s:Label x="25" y="155.85" text="'.$row->nom.'" width="210" textAlign="center" height="37" fontSize="19" backgroundColor="#676666" verticalAlign="middle" fontFamily="Georgia" color="#FFFFFF" click="selectLaniraBlanche()" rollOver="seePicture()"  id="laniraBlancheTxt" rollOut="outPicture()" />'


      Then, I return that variable.


      I find the function where my var created is returned from the "Data/Service" tab, I am on Design mode on Flash Builder, and I "drop" my function where I want my image and text to show on my app.


      I tryed dropping it in a "group", it doesn't show anything. I tryed several other options, and nothing worked.

      So my question is, how could I have this code created in PHP show on my application ?


      Thank you  for your help