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    JavaScript that adds menu item to Acrobat 10 & up

    MikeBruno Level 1

      A few years back, I had written a simple Javascript which added a new menu item in the "Document" menu in Acrobat 8 and 9.  My organization has since moved to 10.1 & the "Document" menu is no more.  Is it still possible to add custom functionality to Acrobat via a JavaScript?


      Here is my original code:



      function RegulateEsig()
          for ( var i = 0; i < this.numFields; i++)
              fname=this.getNthFieldName(i) //get the field name so that we can get the field object
              f = this.getField(fname)             //get the field object so we can determine what type of field it is and then set properties
              if (f.type == "signature")
                  f.signatureSetSeedValue({certspec: {keyUsage: [0x7FFFFFF7], flags: 0x32},}); 
                cName: "Apply eSignature Compliance Settings",
                cParent: "Document",


      Thanks in advance!