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    Center fold out - double truck


      Hello - I just finished laying out a 48 page newspaper which opens as a map in the center whic needs to be double truck - how do I get those two pages connected for the printer withut disturbbing the rest oof this (for me) big project? - thanks!!!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Ask the printer if he needs it as a single file (export those two pages with the "spreads" box checked) or, if as I suspect, he can use singles that he will impose normally.


          As far as laying it out, those pages do need to be in the same file (I don't know how you work, so you may have one file for the whole paper, or one file for each page, or something else entirely. Make sure the two pages show as a spread on screen, and just add your map.