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    HP LaserJet Pro 200 m251 won't print PDF


      I have an HP Laserjet Pro 200 that will not print PDFs.  The documents get stuck in the print queue and I have to delete them and restart the printer.  I have reinstalled the driver and updates and reinstalled Adobe Reader and updates.  Called HP and they told me to contact ADobe, but I can't find a number.

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          I posted this on another discussion.  But here it is again.


          One of the things I have experienced in the past with printing PDFs is that it would hang in the print queue. There is a manual method of deleting the print documents in the print queue. But the issue is printing PDF documents that are scanned in and has maybe highlighted text or handwritten notes on the PDF. The printer driver can render it correctly if printing the PDF as a text document. What you have to do is change it so that it prints as a PDF image instead.


          To print as an image, open the PDF then click File then click Print. Click the Advanced button on the following window that pops up and select the check box "Print as image".


          Now to clear your print queue will be key prior to doing this if the print job is hung in the print queue.


          Here is a Microsoft KB Article that explains how to do this. I think it has an available Microsoft Fixit tool you can use as well.



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            Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

            Let us know if "Print to Image" option under Advanced button helped resolve the issue.



            Atul Agarwal

            Adobe Systems