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    Edit Patterns not reflected in the XML of a submitted Form


      Using LiveCycle E2 V9.


      The display and or Edit Patterns are not reflected in the XML of a submitted form.

      While these display properly on the Adobe form on-screen, e.g.


      $150,000.00 when the fields are are submitted the XML tag as reflects 150000.000000


      The fields are defined as Numeric, but since they will only display on the resulting ASP.Net page, they do not necessarily have to be numeric, they could be a text field too.. with a dollar edit?


      Please advise whether there is something that I am doing incorrectly and or a fix for this?


      Thank you!

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          varundua Level 2

          Forms always submit the rawValue not the display or edit value. Display and edit values are only used to display the value or accept the input with some formatting from the user. They are never submitted to the server


          If you need to submit the display/edit value of a field say NumericField1 you need to have a seperate (hidden) text field TextField1 and in the calculate script of TextField1, you need to write


          NumericField1.formattedValue ( or NumericField1.editValue


          When the data will be submitted, TextField1 will have the value you require and you can use that.