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    Lasso crop


      need help on croping. I used PS in the past and had no problem croping photos I must have forgot something its been a long time. In using the lasso crop(no matter which one) I would crop the photo than when I go to crop the image it only give me a boxed image. What am I doing wrong.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          All digital images are rectangular, every one of them. You can get the appearance of another shape by using transparency. In order to keep transparency after you save, you must save the image in a format that allows transparency, like Tiff or Gif or PNG, not jpeg (a jpeg will always fill transparent areas with white). Also don't flatten the image before saving it. A flattened image consists of a background layer only, and by definition a background layer can't have transparency. If you need to combine layers, merge them instead of flattening.