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    Revel - I don't understand it. Can I still use Elements? I'm confused

    suzafone Level 1

      I do not have a smart phone or tablet, just an ipodtouch.  I'm not sure I understand how Revel works, but am worried when I'm notified my photos are being moved out of my Elements 8.0!  If I don't want to make use of Revel, will I still be able to continue using Elements for storing, organizing and editing my photos as I have in the past?  And will all the photos I have now still be located there?  I'm confused!!!!

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)


          We have many helpful links to help describe the features of Revel in this Photoshop.com storage FAQ. I did check your account information as I did see that a total of 942 images were migrated from Photoshop.com to Revel. Yes you are still able to use Elements for editing and organizing of your images. You would store your images on your hard drive.

          If you have other media files other than jpg files then you will want to download them from your Photoshop.com account as they will be deleted after June 18th.

          If you want to download your images to your computer, then please

          do the following

          1. Install the Adobe Air application http://get.adobe.com/air/

          2. Click on this link to install the Adobe Media Down loader



          Revel is a great way to share images with others as there will be improvements for Revel coming in the future. Please see our FAQ Forum post "How do I share my photos in Revel" http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1157995?tstart=0

          Let me know if you have any other questions



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            Pattie F Employee Moderator

            Don't worry, we are not moving anything from Elements 8. This is strictly a copying of photos you have stored in the cloud on Photoshop.com (which is being discontinued) to Revel, (another cloud storage and sharing option). The change you will notice, though, is that you will no longer be able to sync or upload photos to Photoshop.com after this transition because Photoshop.com sharing and storage is being discontinued.


            Here is a more detailed explanation:

            Because a decision was made to discontinue Photoshop.com sharing and storage, we gave users the option to have them moved to Revel rather than having all of their efforts deleted. Users who had files on Adobe Photoshop.com Sharing and storage cloud site and did not opt out, did or will have their files copied to Adobe Revel (another Adobe cloud sharing and storage service) by 6/18. These files will remain available in Photoshop.com also until 6/18 in case users wish to archive them with our media downloader. You will not be able to add any photos to Photoshop.com after your files are migrated to Revel.


            During this transition, no files were copied,  moved, or deleted  from your Elements organizer or hard drive; they were just copied from Photoshop.com to Revel. This was done as a convenience for customers so that they did not have to go to the effort of downloading from the one site and uploading to another since that can be very time consuming. Revel is a free account that you login to with the same credentials as you did on Photoshop.com. Although Revel is not a replacement for Photoshop.com (it has more of a focus on sharing between devices), it is an alternative.


            You can download the app for your iTouch, download an app if you have a Mac, and login via AdobeRevel.com if you are on a PC.

            You can upload and download files, share albums, and on the apps, you can do some editing if you like.


            Elements versions before Elements 11 can not communicate with Revel like they did with Photoshop.com, so if you want to upload from a computer, you must do that outside of the organizer and load them from your hard drive unless you upgrade to Elements 11.


            I have also posted some useful links here that should help you with Revel:





            FAQ's about the transition from Photoshop.com to Revel:

            FAQ's about Revel and subscriptions:


            Elements organizer/Revel Help:


            Getting Started with Revel:




            Forum for users moving from PS.com to Revel:

            Forum FAQ's:

            Forum for Revel users:

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              suzafone Level 1

              Thanks for your reply.  I actually did not even know I had photos in Photoshop.com!!!

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                Pattie F Employee Moderator

                You may have previously set up a sync to back them up there. Feel free to login to Revel and play since you get unlimited uploads for the first 30 days. Then, you can decide if it is for you or not.


                Best Regards,