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    Unable to upload files from local computer to remote server (Was: Dreamweaver)


      I have lost the connection between the remote location and the local location for files on my computer. Where to I correct this issues, since I cannot upload files from local to remote. Host server from server to my computer works fine, Running Dell computerr XP operating system with CS3 Dreamweaver. Need all the help I can get.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Check in your site definition by editing the site in Site Manager. The remote connection details would be under the SERVERS category. Double click on the remote server and edit the connection details there.

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            Russel Level 1

            I am now having a "ftp error - cannot make connection to host. Dreamweaver

            encoutered a netwoerk or file system error. I did as you suggested and I

            get to basic site definition, ( which looks o.k.), next screen ( no,I do

            not want to use a server technology) Next screen ( edit local copies on my

            machine ( file location looks o.k.), next screen (connect to remote

            server=ftp) address of web server is correct, ( no folder on server, or ftp

            login or ftp password) do not enable check in or check out

            summary: local

            Site name:midhba

            local root folder:midhba


            remote info:

            access; ftp

            FTP host: midhba.com

            check in.check out diabled


            testing server (set up later)

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