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    Batch execution of Export prompts for JPEG info?

    Rob Ainscough Level 2

      My goal is simple:


      Take many .JPG images, resize them, set their quality to 60, and save to file.  Simple right?


      I can't seem to make this work.  I've tried recording "Save for Web" (Adobe lists it as an Export) and input the size adjust changes in the Export dialog and set the quality to 60 and hit the Save button.  Stop recording.


      Now I Automate - Batch and selection my Action and setup the source and destination folders.  The batch runs but it doesn't do what I recorded in the Action?  Here are the problems:


      1.  Image is not resized (apparently seems to ignore all my input in Save for Web dialog)?

      2.  I'm being prompt by a JPEG save options dialog for each file?  Why?


      To work around #1 issue, I did the Resize via the Image | Image Size and then "Save for Web" ... but I'm still prompted with JPEG save options (quality settings) when I run my batch using my action.


      It seems "Save for Web" just doesn't work for recorded actions, even though I see the "Export" and it does indeed list all the correct settings I used.  I see no way to really "edit" recorded actions?


      Are Actions an "afterthought" because they really don't seem to be very useful and more often than not require a lot of experimentation and in some cases frustration.  The time it takes to "develop" an action that works is often longer than if I just did the tasks manually ... I can't see this as being helpful to an end user like myself.


      I've gone thru Adobe Press books and they spend maybe 2-3 pages on Actions/Batch and that's it -- such an import tool and it only gets brief mention?  So I'm coming to the conclusion that "Actions" and "Batch" are primitive at best case ... am I missing something?  Are there better tools to do this?


      Thanks, Rob.