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    Why not a PS "Photographer Edition"?

    Samoreen Level 3



      I can't imagine subscribing to the CC model. This is not acceptable for most photographers.


      However, I need something significantly more powerful than Photoshop Elements. So, to complement Lightroom, I would happily purchase a license for a "limited" version of Photoshop (CS model) that would contain only the features needed by photographers. I don't need video, 3D, text, vector drawing, and so on... I just need the tools that would allow me to do what I can't do in LR, with full 16-bit support, loading images as smart objects, etc.


      To make it short, why not create something that would fit between PSE and the full Photoshop CC and that would be sold under the usual licensing model? That could be done very quickly and I guess a lot of people would be satisfied with this.


      The product could possibly be coupled with Lightroom so that Camera RAW upgrades stay in sync.


      What do you think about this?