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    Noobie question


      Hello. Before I spend a lot of time learning EDGE could you tell me whether the following is possible?  I want to have, say, a box animate from position A to position B on page 1 of my website.  Then on page 2 I want the animation to go from position B to position C.  SEAMLESSLY.  My tests tend to show flicker as the page changes.  Is this possible on Edge?

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          John Hall Level 4

          Smooth animations are certainly fine in Edge but if you're going from one page to the next, the HTML is reloading and unless you're using an iFrame or something to keep part of the screen hosting the animation, it would be tough to do with any tool. If the flicker you're seeing is because you're switching between two or three edge animations there are probably ways you can cheat the effect quite a bit. Do you have any more specifics about how you're tested so far and what kind of flicker you're seeing?

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            Katy_swan Level 1

            Thanks John.  I'm just using Business Catalyst to publish and test.  The flicker is just that, and is obviously hidden on page changes by the page change.  When it's a simple shape moving around the screen on white it's too obvious to use.