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    How to create a Language Branch using custom workflow?

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      I’ve a requirement where I need to create a workflow process which will create a Language branch.  i.e I wanted to achieve the functionality using custom workflow as given in the docs: https://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/multi_site_manager.html#Managing the Translation of your Language Branches 


      As per the OOTB functionality,


      1.     If the target page is not exist in the Language branch, it will copy the reference page to target path.


      2.     If the target page is already exists, it will not create a copy of the reference.           


      After the translation, if we make any changes in the reference page and activate the reference, then we have a button called 'Show side by Side' under Translation in the side kick which shows differences between reference page and translated page.






      So, I would like know how we can achieve this in my custom workflow process. In my workflow process, I’m checking whether the page is existed in the target path or not. If not exist, I used page copy.


      Eg: Page page = newPage.copy(originalPage,targetPath+"/"+originalPageName,null,true,true );


      When I use above api, it just copies the page and it will not maintain any relation with reference page.



      Any pointers would be more helpful.