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    Any skins that aren't flash based?

    Cuwen Level 1

      Does anyone know if there are skins that we can use in our files that aren't flash based?  I'm creating an app, and obviously Flash doesn't work on most tablets.  So, when I test it on my Nexus 7, everything works except for the video skin with the controls on it.  There's just nothing there.


      So are there skins I can use that aren't Flash based and that will work on tablets?

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          JWPLayer comes with skins that are tablet-optimized:


          And its free if you accept their watermark.


          Since Nexus7 doesn´t support Flash off-.the-shelf it might be a specific problem of this device.

          On my Toshiba Thrive (andorid 3.0) Flash skins show as advertised.

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            Cuwen Level 1

            Thank you for the tip.  But a lot of devices don't support any Flash materials that I know of.  I have to make this app work on all devices, and I know iOS doesn't support Flash, so I assume that also means it doesn't support Flash skins.  Am I right.


            I can't use something with a watermark.


            Does anyone know a fix we can use to make a skin work?  I tried to export a video I imported into Indesign with an Indesign skin as a FLA file.  The video didn't play.  I want the skin that Indesign uses b/c that works on my tablet.  It must not be Flash based.  But I don't know how to use that skin in Flash.