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    CF10 500 Error after changing login account

    Reed Powell Level 3

      Just did a new CF10 Windows install (not my first) on a fresh 2008R2 server.  Everything ran fine after the install, all of the service packs installed fine. Since it needs to deal with other servers, I have a domain account that all of the CF servers use for the service logins.  As soon as I change the login on this installation from the service account to the domain account (and restart CF), any attempted access to CF gets a 500 error.  Access to the default IIS page works fine. 


      I went into IIS and under Authentication changed the "connect as" for the physical path to be the domain account, restarted everything, still no luck.  Then I went into Windows Explorer and made sure that everything under C:\inetpub\wwwroot had permissions for the domain account (even though this was a 500 error and not an access denied error).  Same thing, no luck.


      Gotta be something stupid I've done, or forgot to tell the IT guys to do when then installed everything.  Anyone have any hints?