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    RH10. How to make Home button on toolbar and Home link in 'breadcrumbs' area go to the same location

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      (I don't know what's wrong with the editor these days. Only choice is HTML with tags or this editor that suddenly decided to put my text in italics and won't let me remove it! Previously it wouldn't let me create line breaks. )


      I'm using: RoboHelp 10, WebHelp Pro Single Source Layouts (though not using RoboHelp Server).


      I've got five SSLs, each with their own unique Table of Contents. The TOC for each licensed module includes the Core Help topics.

      • Core Help
      • Help for licensed module 1
      • Help for licensed module 2
      • Help for licensed module 3
      • Help for licensed module 4



      The default topic for the Core Help is "Introduction.htm". The default topic for each licensed module is the introductory topic for that module.


      In the Core Help, clicking the Home button on the toolbar opens "Introduction.htm". Clicking the Home link in the breadcrumbs area, e.g. "Home > Managing Data Sources > Creating a Database", also opens "Introduction.htm".


      In a licensed module, clicking the Home button on the toolbar opens "Introduction.htm". BUT, clicking the Home link in the breadcrumbs area, e.g. "Home > Loss Analysis, opens  the introductory topic for the licensed module. Our QA group has filed a bug against this behavior. They feel that clicking the Home button and clicking the Home link should take you to the same place.


      All the modules use a common window with a Two Pane view and all the WebHelp Pro buttons, including "Home (Skin: NGP Help)" selected.


      They also use a common skin. The properties for the Home button are:  Item Name and Text = "Home". The button links to "Introduction.htm", with a dependency of "Release\Core\Introduction.htm".


      Is there an easy way to achieve the results desired by QA, where clicking Home always opens "Introduction.htm", while opening the licensed Help always opens to the introductory topic for the module? Disclaimer: I don't know how to script, if that's a possible solution.


      Thank you.