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    Creating an iPad Application and the Adobe Patch Installer




      I’ve installed InDesign CS6 recently and use Adobe’s Classroom in a Book (CIB) for learning. As part of the CIB learning process, I’ve had to download an Adobe Digital Publishing Patch - CS6 - 26.0.0 in order to do Lesson 17 (Creating an iPad Publication); this is required to meet a DPS Desktop Tools requirement.


      I downloaded the Compressed (Zipped) folder and put it in an InDesign folder on my PC (Win 7). I haven’t done anything with the zipped folder although I have noticed that the folder contains an Adobe Patch Installer Application. Do I need to do anything with this application to make everything work? I say this because when I check Help>Updates in InDesign it just says that my ‘applications are all up-to-date’. Also, I noticed that Folio Builder and Folio Overlays are present when I open Window within InDesign.


      So, as I’d like to work on the iPad training lesson in due course, should I be clicking on the Adobe Patch Installer (Application) in the zipped folder that I downloaded or is everything good to go?


      Sorry, I’m new to InDesign and DPS requirements.