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    Adobe Premiere pro cs6 Crashing on Laucher.  No error message


      OHHH my head hurts, Adobe Premiere pro cs6 no longer works.  I was working on a project and i accidentally shut off my computer, upon rebooting i found myself unable to turn on Adobe Premiere.  It brings up the laucher, it does not load any codecs, fonts, etc.  you know what i mean the really fast list that goes by.  My gpu is supported, i have did the cuda core trick, i have deleted my properites, and reinstalled, nothing.  I even cleaned my entire computer of adobe folders and the what not, used the cleaner tool to uninstall everything to do with adobe, and reinstalled it all.  Still no luck.  I installed the trial of photoshop to see if it worked and it worked perfectly fine.  Adobe encore, and encoder also do not work.  I have checked my graphics drivers, they are fine and not on a beta driver.  I also did not make any changes to my system before trying to open it.  I have system restored back before it happened by and day, still no luck.  I have opened it about 50 times to make sure that it didnt need to black list or anything.  I have even ran the license repair tool, I REALLY need help, i was working on a large project with a deadline.  Please for the love of everything holy throw whatever suggestion you got at me besides a system reformat, which is my last option and i want to make sure i have tried everything before i do that