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    Click through a presentation


      Hi, I'm trying edge animation for the first time. Already have done some basic flash creations.  But totally new to edge. So far I think its a great program, hope that stays this way ; ).


      I'm creating a presentation, it just has to be a interactive powerpoint. What I want is that there is a dropdown-menu where I can choose to which page I would like to go. So far there's no problem. But, I would like that I could walk through like a powerpoint with the spacebar. I know you can use the spacebar as trigger. But how can I accomplish that on page1 the trigger goes to label 2, on page 2 to label 3, etc.? As I where saying I'm new to this.


      Also I would really like that the content of the page would fade out before it goes on to the other page. This is for using the spacebar as well for the dropdown-menu.


      Does anybody have some suggestions for me? Would we very welcome!