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    Connection Limits

    jp auclair



      I was searching online for limit on the service and there are multiple different version on the answer accross 2 years of posting.


      Is there a maximum number of concurrent connection on a single account?

      Is there a maximum number of groups?


      My application use voice-chat in p2p. Is there any kind of limitation I should know before launching public?

      I am creating a "prototype" project, but it might "boom" because of its originality.

      If there is a limit, can I remove it by asking Adobe? (I am asking right now)




      ps: I do not have any servers, nor FMS, and I a not planning on using cummulus for the same (server) reason.



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          jp auclair Level 1

          Oh, and "who exactly" should I ask to increase that limit, if there is one?

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            Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

            there is no limit to the number of concurrent connections you can have. we ask that you let us know if you'll have more than 10,000 concurrent connections, for resource planning purposes.


            there is a limit of 16 groups per connection for which Cirrus will perform automatic bootstrapping (with the "server channel enabled"). you can be a member of as many groups as you want if you do your own bootstrapping.  16 is a hard limit and can't be changed.

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              jp auclair Level 1

              So let's say we have a IRC-like application, where each room is a group

              we cannot create more than 16 rooms per devkey?

              or Is bootstrapping something else?

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                jp auclair Level 1

                What I need is that any user can create a group with the Group Specifier, and a few other people join the same groupe.

                a user can be in only one group at any given time

                but the simultaneous number of groups could be quite high.

                Something like 1 shared group per 2-16 user , up to multiple tousands users

                I am obviously using serverChannelEnabled=true


                If I can't do that, what is the best solution I should try to get that result?

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                  Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

                  the 16 limit is per user/client/connection to the server, not per developer key.  if each user is in one group, then it doesn't matter if you have one group with a thousand members or a thousand different groups each with one member.


                  RTMFP Groups are self-organizing (via gossip), but a new joiner to a group needs to find out about at least one other member of the group to become connected. Cirrus tells new group joiners (via the "server channel") about a few other members already in the group to get them started. that's the "bootstrap" operation.  Cirrus will track up to 16 concurrent groups per client connection.  Cirrus will close the server channel for the 17th or later concurrent group for any one user/client connection.  closing the server channel has no effect on whether the client is in the group, but the bootstrap operation won't be performed so the client won't be joined to the other members of the group automatically by Cirrus.