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    Dolby Audio Decode Licensing Restriction


      I have used the same video camera Canon which shoots AVCHD for 2 years now and had Adobe CS 5 Production Premium for Windows, CS 5.5 for Mac and now Creative Cloud on both a Mac and Windows 7 64 bit computer. No problems inputting the same footage week after week until about 2 months ago. Now on the Windows PC the audio in my video does not get conformed when videos are imported. Instead I get a "Dolby Audio Decode Licensing Restriction for <my path to .MTS file> This installation does not have a license to decode Dolby Digital audio.". Did Adobe put out a Creative Cloud update that broke something? I do not have this problem on the Mac. But the Windows PC is my video production machine and needs to be working again. Please help.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          PP is still on 6.0.3 and seems to work fine with 5.1 Dolby clips on my end.  I can only guess that something got smurfed with your installation.

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            ToddS7 Level 1

            I unsintalled and reinstalled PP CS 6. When I imported the files again, 2 of them no longer gave the error and conformed the audio, but 2 other files gave a new error (forget what that one was) and did not conform. I got the camera back today as these were videos copied from the camera memory to SD card, then onto hard drive. Connecting the camera directly I was able to copy directly from the camera to my computer and when I import that file into PP, it can conform the audio no problem.


            Also, one of the videos was supposedly corrupted and could not load at all that was copied from the SD card and was the same when reading the card directly from my Mac and PC. I was able to copy it directly from camera to hard drive and it imported with no issues.


            Could it be that a bad sector on the SD card causes the video to be corrupted when copied, then transferred bad video to PC? Should that cause PP to throw this licensing issue though? Adobe should at least know under what coding circumstances they would throw such a specific error. Maybe it could instead say the audio in the video is corrupt or something. I will update this again if next time something different happens again.