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    Third Party Brush Issue


      I Installed Photoshop CS5 on my Computer.

      Went to a Third Party Obsidian Dawn Website

      I Dowmloaded Skin Texture Brushes.

      I Unziped the File to a Brush Folder.

      In the Brush Folder I Copied the Skin Texture Brushes.arb.

      Went to Drive C Left Click on It.

      Double Left Click on Program Files.

      Double Left Click on Adobe.

      Double Left Click on Photoshop CS5.

      Double Left Click on Presets.

      Double Left Clickon Brushes.

      Then Pasted Skin Texture Brushes.arb in to Brushes.

      I Opened up Photoshop CS5 Left Click on Brushes.

      Viewed the Brush Listings the Skin Texture Brushes Displayed

      they all Worked just Fine.


      I Had to Reboot My Computer.

      Then Reinstalled Photoshop SC5.

      Installed the Third Party Download as Mention Above.

      Then I Instaled Skin Texture Brushes.arb as Mention Above.

      When I Viewed the Brush Listings the Skin Texture Brushes Did Not Display.

      I Tried Several Times but no Results

      Could some One Help with this Problem

      Thanks Lyle