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    Questions on Premiere CS4 4.2.1 and Media Encoder


      What I am trying to do is take a single long captured file and break it into individual clip files.   I know I could have used timecode based scene selection when importing to break up the clips into individual files, but the timecode was messed up and capturing to one long file was the only option.


      Question 1) How, if possible, can I export mutiple clips on the timeline to ME at one time.  It just seems silly to have to move the work area start/end points for each clip, export it, and then move the work area start/end points to the next clip and export and so on for, say, 50 clips on the timeline.  With clips the start/end points are obvious; the start of the clip and the end of the clip.  And a simple Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4... naming convention would be fine.   Is there a way to do this?  Or even just draging and dropping a clip into ME would at least save me the time of moving the work area around (which, again, seems repetative since the whole clip is being exported).


      Also, once I have manually exported, say, 20 clips into ME, it is taking about 5 minutes (after it indicates it is encoding) to actually start encoding.  Once the progress bar begins to show the clip is encoding is goes quickly and I get the green check mark.  But then the next clip says encoding and it again takes about 5 minutes for the progress bar start to show encoding is occuring.  So to encode 20 clips (ranging from 10 seconds to maybe a minute long each) it takes up to 2 hours.  These are simple DV captures being exported to .AVI clip just to break them into individual clip files, so no transcoding or scaling or effects are involved.


      Question 2)  Are there any settings that I may have/have not set that can speed up the process?  Is this normal encoding speed?


      PC Info:


      Home Build

      Intel Q6600 2.4GHz QuadCore CPU

      Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics (latest driver from Nvidia)

      2GB DDR2 PC-800 RAM

      ASUS Maximus Formula (SE) (latest BIOS from ASUS)

      SATA 3gb/s drives