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    SSI not working in a DIV eased in with CSS transition


      I'm having an issue whereby a DIV that is initially positioned on the page using a a negative top margin, is then slid down onto the page using CSS transition, is not diplaying the content inside it which should be pulled in using several SSI's... Here is the CSS:



      Here is the HTML:


      <div id="topPanel" tabindex="1">

             <h3>My Heading Here</h3>

          <p>li grammatica del resultant lingn lingues. li grammatica del resultant lingn lingues. li grammatica del resultant lingn lingues.</p>

          <?php require_once('../newsite/includes/includesocial.php'); ?>


           <?php require_once('../newsite/includes/includeaddress.php'); ?>


           <?php require_once('../newsite/includes/includeopening.php'); ?>


      </div><!--close topSlide-->


      And here is the CSS:


      #topPanel {

          display: block;

          z-index: 200;

          position: absolute;

          left: 50%;



          margin-left: -120px;

          width: 240px;

          height: 610px;

          border-radius: 10px;

          box-shadow: 2px 2px 3px #000;

          background-image: url(../newsite/leftbg.png);

          background-repeat: repeat;

          text-align: center;

          transition: margin-top 2s;

      -moz-transition: margin-top 2s; /* Firefox 4 */

      -webkit-transition: margin-top 2s; /* Safari and Chrome */

      -o-transition: margin-top 2s; /* Opera */




      #topPanel:focus {





      The include paths are correct, and yet they don't show. I am using the same SSI's elsewhereon the page and they show fine. (The ones that show are higher in the HTML, if that makes any difference.)


      Does anyone have any ideas as to why it's not working?


      Thanks in advance,